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7 Healthy Evening Snack Ideas to Curb Your Cravings


It’s early in the year, and many of us are still trying to make healthier decisions. (It’s practically the universal New Year’s resolution.) But it’ll never be realistic to banish sweets and snacks from your life—and what kind of life would that be, anyway?

Luckily, there are delicious and tasty snack options to satisfy cravings in a healthier way. You just have to swap in some creative low-calorie and low-fat snack options that give you the same tastes and textures. Err on the healthy side with quick and easy evening snacks since your body won’t be burning through much energy while you’re sleeping. Continue Reading

Personal Style, Swimwear

2017 Swimwear Trends: Hot Looks to Pack For Your Next Trip


Baby, it’s cold outside, but there’s nothing better than using those frigid temps to inspire your next vacation destination—even if it’s only a fantasy (for now). We spoke to Bare Necessities swimwear buyer Megan Puma about what trends we can expect to see in 2017.

All these suits hit both this season’s latest trends and offer the support you expect from your favorite bra. So pack your sunblock and a few beach reads, and stash an on-trend suit for your next tropical getaway. Though the destination pairings are totally optional, we sure wouldn’t mind visiting any one of them this winter.

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Meet the Merchants, Personal Style

2016 Fall Fashion Trends and Stylish Bra Pairings


Welcome to fall, that narrow window of perfect weather in which you’re desperately waiting for the temperature to dip juuust low enough so you can wear your cutest ankle boots and leather jacket on the reg. Here’s a controversial statement, but autumn is undoubtedly the best fashion season—reference the encyclopedia-thick September issue of any fashion magazine if you need proof.

We spoke with Jess Kirby, style expert at the highly regarded fashion blog Prosecco & Plaid, and Bare Necessities premium bra buyer Heather Viskovic to get the scoop on the latest and greatest. They’re in total agreement: To ensure you rock Fall 2016’s coolest seasonal fashion trends with confidence, start at base level with the proper undergarments. Jess and Heather reviewed all the major fashion trends and named the best bra to match with each clothing style. Continue Reading