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Bare Necessities Staffers’ Favorite Sleepwear & Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving is the time of year to hunker down at home with our loved ones and practice gratitude (or, you know, talk politics, whichever you prefer). Here’s what some of the Bare Necessities staffers are up to, and the sleepwear they’ll be all cozied up in.

Stephanie Salardino, brand amBRAssador
Thanksgiving traditions: My entire family goes to our beach house on Thanksgiving Eve. Along the way, I stop for the best pumpkin pie and apple cider donuts. We finish up any last-minute food shopping and order pizza because we know tomorrow will be food heaven. Later, we have a sitter come watch the kids, and the adults go out locally—I organize a dozen or so toy drives at local bars since it’s one of the most popular nights to go out. The toys are distributed to local shelters or organizations that adopt families for the holidays. It’s pretty amazing. One location has brought in over 500 toys.

We have a huge Thanksgiving Day breakfast, appetizers begin around 1 PM and we serve dinner at 5. There are usually 20 or so of us, and our house is like a revolving door. My friends and their families tend to pop in at some point. Thanksgiving night, I do lots of shopping online. By Cyber Monday, I’ve accomplished most of my holiday list. Continue Reading

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The BN Roundtable: Real Talk About How to Rock and Shop for Shapewear


The holidays are high season for breaking out the shapewear, but it can be challenging (yeah, major understatement) to know where to begin, even if you’re already a fan of what it can do for your body confidence. So we brought together the office evangelists—plus one skeptic—for some capital-R-real talk about shapewear: who it’s for (spoiler alert: everybody), what’s out there to choose from, why it can make your day and your figure that much smoother. Come listen in….

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Top 10 Model Confessions with Alex Hanson


Many a lingerie model comes through our front door and heads into the photo studio at Bare Necessities—simply another day at the office for Ashley Graham, Kate Upton, Ebonee Davis, Candice Swanepoel, Nina Agdal and more who got their start here over the years. 

This is Model Confessions, our new series about what it’s really like to be a lingerie model, from the full-on fabulous to the decidedly less so. Because one way of empowering women is by ensuring they’re seen and heard.

Meet Alexandria Hanson. She’s originally from the small town of Stillwater, Minnesota, “where there was nothing going on for me. I knew there was more to learn out there, but I’m not one to be told what to do while sitting at a desk.” From the hair and makeup chair at her latest shoot (full-bust bras, for the record), Alex got candid with us: “My childhood was a lot of ups and downs. I grew up fast, I fought with my mother and refused to listen to reason. My teenage years were full of puppy love, pointless drama and attitude. I was always sneaking out of the house. Looking back, I’m surprised with what my parents put up with. I had to strike out on my own to heal those relationships. Now, my mom is my best friend.”

Whip-smart and sweet, cool, calm and collected at only 23, Alex has also modeled for Kohls and appeared in a Colgate commercial. A career highlight: her Sports Illustrated ad for Dodge Ram trucks. Her secret talent is painting, she played some serious soccer in high school, her pet peeve is people showing up late and she’s learned a whole lot about life through her adventures in modeling…

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Summer Fitness: How Bare Necessities Staffers Stay Fit, Have Fun and Feel Fab


Summer or winter, the Olympics always seem to seriously ramp up the intensity of everybody’s workouts, which got us thinking: How do Bare Necessities staffers stay fit, have fun and feel fab—even during these hazy late August days? Read on for your daily dose of fitspo, and check out our brand-new activewear arrivals for even more motivation.

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2016 Summer Games: For Women, The Sky’s The Limit






Athletic prowess aside, this is what’s really at the heart of every Olympian.

In an era of unfathomable turmoil roiling the world, today we get together to celebrate humanity’s finest attributes. The games are so much more than a spectacle of Herculean feats of strength; they’re a macro lesson in unity, humility, bravery, teamwork and good sportsmanship. The whole is way greater than the sum of its parts, and we’re rarely more aligned as a planet than this time we spend together every two years. The center holds.

It’s especially a time for the world’s women to shine. We cast aside our differences and focus on the commonalities in noble pursuit of the purest form of competition. Our mission at Bare Necessities is to lift women up, so you’d better believe we’ll be glued to our TVs until the 21st, marveling at their abilities, collecting new role models, hitting replay on our DVRs, cheering real loud and feeling extra patriotic.

As we embark on the road to Rio, we’re paying homage to these awesome athletes—right now, their spirit and fun and playfulness are making our days brighter.

“This campaign was inspired by the champion in every woman,” says Susan Ferenczi, creative director at Bare Necessities. “She’s a modern superhero with attitude, fearless and always in style.”

After all, the sky’s the limit.

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Festival Fashion: This is the Dawning of the Age of Festival Bralettes and Festival Lingerie


Summer is synonymous with concerts, which lift the spirit like little else. Hot on the heels of Coachella last month, we’re looking ahead to Governors Ball (June 3-5 in NYC), Bonnaroo (June 9-12 in Manchester, TN), Firefly (June 16-19 in Dover, DE), Newport Folk Festival (July 22-24 in Newport, RI), Lollapalooza (July 28-31 in Chicago) and Outside Lands (August 5-7 in San Francisco), among others.

Thanks to all these shows, festival lingerie is a thing that’s happening. Hand in hand with the bohemian-influenced clothes, the underpinnings are unlined, lacy and diaphanous, with a vintage quality. They’re unstructured and easy to wear (particularly for smaller busts, but there’s a way for all sizes to get in on the festival bralette trend, too). Read on for our staffers’ picks of the best bands and the best bralettes.

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Q&A with Elizabeth DeMott, Lead amBRAssador


Elizabeth DeMott, director of bare necessities customer service, is the capital-A-amBRAssador™ around here. Her job is to zero in on your pain points—bra-fittings to backorders—and smooth them over like a good natured, blazing hot iron.

You know it’s got to take a special kind of person to traffic in negatives and transform them into positives every single day. That’s got to tell you something about the stuff she’s made of. Elizabeth uses it to your advantage—how great is that? Now let’s talk shop….

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Selfie Tips: How to Take the Perfect Selfie


Have you noticed that the preferred method of sharing what’s going on in your life has quietly shifted from status updates to photos and videos? It’s how we communicate now. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to take the perfect selfie.

Pro: A picture can be worth a thousand words.
Con: Always needing to be camera-ready!

You owe it to yourself to learn how to manage the image you put out there and, by virtue of having a smartphone in your pocket, you can easily learn to be your own best paparazzo.

No one knows how to curate the living daylights out of an Instagram feed better than our photo studio crew. We lured them out from behind the lens to share all they know about taking amazing pictures and how to translate that into top-notch selfies. Here are their rules for how to take the perfect selfie:

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Behind the Scenes: The Boys of Bare Necessities Bare it All


Though Bare Necessities revolves around women, there are more than a few good men behind the scenes helping to make the bra-shopping experience nothing short of flawless. We couldn’t wait to introduce these fine gents to you: Each is snowflake-level special and brings his unique talents to bear every day in the not-unintimidating world of intimate apparel. Because the one thing that unites them (other than a love of Game of Thrones and a good burger) is an admiration for all the impressive women in their lives—family, coworkers and customers alike.

In time for Valentine’s Day, let’s get to know the guys of Bare Necessities….

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The Hottest Fitness Trends and Activewear Trends for 2016


With fitspiration as its annual peak, we’re bringing you an inside look at five of the hottest fitness trends for 2016 that our staffers are all about right now—not to mention the corresponding activewear trends. Because when the elliptical starts to feel like a snooze, you definitely don’t have to default to the couch!

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