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best bikinis for large busts

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Your Biggest Supporters: The Best Bikinis for
Large Busts


Jeni Doherty, our in-house swimwear expert

Bikinis for big boobs. 

Big breasts bikini. 

Bikini tops for large breasts.

These are just a few of the less colorful terms our research shows women in need of a bikini for large busts type furtively into Google when swimsuit season comes back around. Good news: We’ve got your search results right here in our warehouse.

“There are plenty of options for the full-busted woman who wants to wear a bikini,” says our in-house swimwear authority Jeni Doherty, who points to brands like Freya, Fantasie and Panache that offer swimwear in bra sizes up to a K-cup. “This gives a full-busted customer the option of buying a swimsuit that will support her a lot like her favorite bra brands.”

Adds Jeni, “Over the years, styling and design have improved tremendously. These brands are hitting on the latest trends and offering a lot more options to try to appeal to all customers looking for a bikini.” That means every age—because, not gonna lie, we want to look this good in a bikini when we’re 90—and every size.

So when we asked Jeni to pick her favorites in each style for the 2016 swim season, she had no trouble finding more than a few of the best bikinis for large busts.

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