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Body Positive Mindset for Swim Season: Unveiling Your Inner Poolside Goddess


Every goddess worth her weight in sunscreen knows that along with sunshine and the promise of poolside cocktails, swim season brings with it body struggles of all shapes and sizes. Bikini or one-piece swimsuit? Printed or solid? Too much coverage or not enough? Enough!

Here’s the truth: Everyone wrestles with body acceptance. While some of us feel our butts are too big, others worry their boobs are too small. Positive body image is really all in the way we see ourselves.

Parading around in what’s basically a waterproof version of your skivvies is a tall order for anybody—plus size, petite and everyone in between. Bottom line: Body confidence is something we’re all working towards, one swimsuit season at a time. And with a little support, we’ll get there together.

Flaunt it. Own it. Work it. Please be body positive, people. You got this! Here’s what you need to remember: Continue Reading