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How to Tastefully (not Trashily) Wear Underwear Outside. In Public.


Ever since Madonna rocked that cone bra, it’s become less and less taboo to pass off lingerie as streetwear. (I mean, have you kept up with a Kardashian lately?) Flip through an issue of Vogue or Elle and you’ll notice the lingerie trend never goes away for very long.

Now that warm weather is here again (um, yay), expect to see more pretty peekaboo straps, flirty lace-trimmed cups—even gorgeous mesh bras under totally sheer tops. Boudoir fashion is sexy, modern, safely thrilling, at times rather comfy, damn near effortless—and it gives your prettiest layers the opportunity to show off a little.

HOWEVER. The look that’s so good in theory can go horribly wrong in practice. Continue Reading