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Laura Lifshitz

  • Life with the Girls

    10 Steps to the Perfect Swimsuit

    Laura Lifshitz has found that all it takes to get into the right swimsuit is time, patience, humility, self-tanner, her daughter’s approval and a total alignment of the stars. See if this…

  • Life with the Girls

    The Real Bra Dictionary

    As she gets set to turn the calendar page on this decade, reluctant full-bust expert Laura Lifshitz looks back in this month’s “Life with the Girls” on all the bras she’s ever…

  • Life with the Girls

    A Day in the Life of My DDDDs

    In this month’s “Life with the Girls,” Laura Lifshitz walks us through an ordinary day which, as it turns out, is disproportionally dictated by the whims of her breasts. Defy you not…