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Lingerie for Women Who Don’t Wear Lingerie


We see you, ladies who appreciate looking and feeling desirable every so often but don’t really want to peruse pair after pair of pasties and crotchless bodystockings. Maybe you’ve never really dabbled in lingerie before—you suspect it’s not for women like you, or don’t have the kind of time to spend finding a hot needle in a blazing haystack.

It bears a mention this time of year especially: Not all lingerie needs to be scandalous. It’s entirely possible to wear something sexy and stay in your comfort zone.

That’s why we asked Bare Necessities lingerie buyer Kelly Morales to put together her favorite attractive-yet-understated sexy selections. When you’re making yourself vulnerable and putting yourself out on the edge, you want—no, need—to feel like yourself. These make that easy.

Babydolls and Chemises

To take a small step in the sexy direction, try a babydoll (fit-and-flare) or a chemise (more fitted). Both are a natural transition from sleepwear because what you’ll find here are basically nighties that are short, lacy or sheer. There’s a reason, after all, that a basic satin chemise is so endlessly alluring. Wear one to bed, and your message is still clear: Sleep can wait.


Lingerie-speak for what’s basically a bodysuit, a teddy can actually be a fairly covered-up style. They’re also easy all-in-ones because you don’t have to deal with putting together a whole matching sexy look, what with bras and panties and garters and thigh highs and whatnot. They’re also striking on all figures, and they can leave the house under a jacket, blazer, cardigan or dress. Cute, coy rompers and playsuits fall into this category, too. Think fashion, only saucier.

A Lingerie Set

These tried-and-true classics are, in a way, a throwback to more innocent times, when sexy wasn’t automatically the same thing as overexposed. We like to think of them as beautiful bras and panties with a little something extra going for them, be it a garter-belt layer, gorgeous straps or touchable fabrics like lace, velvet, mesh and satin. And because they’re designed to be worn together, these take all the guesswork out of getting undressed.

High-Waisted Panty Sets

If your favorite feature is a pretty great rear view, play it up! These bottoms have a retro feel and forgiving fit that play well as a set, with anything you already own or all by their lonesome. The full sets shown here all feature a tummy-covering, unforgettably gorgeous high-waist panty that’s as comfortable as it is confidence-raising.

Spiced-Up PJs

Camisoles and tap pants are a pretty new trend in the sexy department. These PJs here are a little cheeky without being overt. Another fun option: Upgrade your robe to a schmancy version. Swap fleecy for slinky and layer it over as much or as little as you like.

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Brooke is the editor of this here blog. In a previous life, she was an editor at Good Housekeeping and O, The Oprah Magazine. Brooke has written for Glamour, Travel+Leisure, New York Magazine and more. She’s into concerts, travel and her exceptionally adorable daughter and husband.

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  • Reply Caryl July 8, 2020 at 11:53 pm

    I was rating bras due to not being familiar with the site. Please ignore ratings.

    BRA SIZE 4C, WIDE BAND not narrow but not so high it digs into my lower ribs. I’m 69. my figure has changed from petite and protected to spreading out. I’ve seen the word “spillage” used. I’ve lose density and wish I could locate an extended support with a wider bone insert – more support closer to under my jaw??

    I think I’m now a Full Figure BRA, density slightly working it’s way about back. , I definitely need EXTENDED SUPPORT, plus 3 CUP flat SEAMS, and broad underwire not a short length of narrow wire. Absolutely NO PADDING expect on 3 hooks in back and shoulder supports that do not fall down all day. Scratchy lace can look good under clothing but irritate. I’m starting to droop so band width has to be elastic etc. give me space and not dig in.,

    • Reply Bare it All July 10, 2020 at 10:26 am

      Hi Caryl, our team of Bra Fit Experts would be happy to help you review your measurements and find bras that will provide you with the support you need and the comfort you want. Give us a call at 877-728-9272 x4 at your convenience.

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