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  • Life with the Girls

    Entering the Spin Zone

    As a health magazine fashion editor, Gabrielle Porcaro eats, sleeps and breathes workout wear. So what took her so long to get comfortable in a sports bra? Find out in this month’s…

  • Life with the Girls

    My Mother, My Body, Myself

    At the same time Andrea Pyros was developing her chest, breast cancer was ending her mother’s life. This Mother’s Day, Andrea looks back on her growing pains and pays tribute to the…

  • Life with the Girls

    A Day in the Life of My DDDDs

    In this month’s “Life with the Girls,” Laura Lifshitz walks us through an ordinary day which, as it turns out, is disproportionally dictated by the whims of her breasts. Defy you not…

  • Life with the Girls

    Tempest in a C-Cup

    In this month’s “Life with the Girls,” Catherine Censor reflects on a half-century spent negotiating peace with her adversarial breasts: the God-given ones, the surgically-reduced ones and the artificial ones.  My breasts…

  • Life with the Girls

    Have Bras, Will Travel

    Presenting “Life with the Girls,” a new monthly Bare it All series. We’re sharing women’s reflections—profoundly personal, full of heart and capital-R-real—on contending with our chests along with everything else life throws…