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Plus-Size Style Inspiration from Body Advocate Alissa Wilson


We first met Alissa Wilson at Bare Necessities back in February when she stopped by to cover the launch of Ashley Graham’s lingerie collection, and we were instantly smitten kittens. Undaunted by the slush and cold, she turned up in red suede heels and leather pants. Personal style? Check. Knowing thyself? Check. Confidence, chutzpah and charisma? Triple-check. 

Alissa is the founding editor and editor-in-chief of Stylish Curves, a blog that aims every day to “bridge the gap between straight and plus sizes by showing plus-size curvy women that they can dress just a fabulous as straight-size women do. We live in a world that wants plus-size women to be unhappy with their bodies, and Stylish Curves believes that every woman should learn to appreciate and love their bodies no matter their size.” Um, yes.

Alissa always dreamed of a career as a fashion writer and, as a plus-size woman, she knows how hard it can be for anyone north of a size 14 to find chic clothing. Initially, she started the blog as a shopping resource to help others see where they could get the latest trends and celebrity styles in their size. “I’m happy with my body,” she has said. “It’s others who are not.” With a background in finance and retail, she’s uniquely positioned to make heads or tails of the fashion industry which, at times, can be confoundingly slow to stay in step with reality. That’s why she’s worked on branding campaigns with JCPenney and gotten noticed by Essence, Glamour…and Bare Necessities.

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Becky Burt, Founder of Pink Pineapple Surf School


It’s only fitting that we have a July 4th tête-à-tête with someone in possession of a fierce independent streak, an indomitable spirit and an iron will.

That would be Becky Burt.

At 30, she’s created a surf school for girls, run exclusively by women, on the East coast where surfer girls are something of a rarity—and she did it after suffering a debilitating injury that threatened not only the new venture but life as she knew it.

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Advice and Inspiration from a Successful Female CEO, Sara Sugarman Brenner


In this month’s edition of Power Figures, our exclusive interviews with some exceptionally self-actualized ladies, we’re visiting with Sara Sugarman Brenner. At 29, she conjured up Lulu & Georgia, her own cool-and-contemporary-meets-rationally-priced home décor company. Though young, make no mistake: She’s already learned a few thousand things about striking out on one’s own, delegating like a #boss, balancing without breaking, and redefining what it means to be a successful female CEO this century—oh, and she does it all in 5″ heels.

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The Sparkly Life’s Alyssa Hertzig on Beauty and Lifestyle Blogging


Welcome back to Power Figures, our series profiling ladies at the top of their game who are kindly enlightening us as they ascend. This month, we had too much fun chatting with Alyssa Hertzig, a beauty editor at some of the world’s top magazines who recently had the vision and courage to leave the world of glossies for a turn as a full-time lifestyle blogger and freelance writer.

The Sparkly Life follows her passions both professional (your new source for beauty reccos from someone who knows a BB cream from a CC cream) and personal (scientifically proven fact: no one throws a Pinterest-worthy party like Alyssa), candid (fair warning, grab a tissue before reading “The 3 AM Struggle is Real”) and chic as all get-out. She’s equal parts aspirational and attainable: a “cool” mom, a thinker of deep thoughts yet a self-proclaimed fluff junkie. She optimistically makes the daily juggle look damn good, one bouncy hair blowout at a time, and for that, we salute her.

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Curvy Magazine’s KeKe Simot on Fashion and Women’s Empowerment


It’s true that like attracts like: Our mission at bare necessities is to lift women up, and lately we’ve been noticing that we’re coming across a whole lot of inspiring ladies.

That’s why we’re so excited to launch Power Figures, a new column dedicated to meeting awesome women in different fields who share one thing in common: Every day, they’re out there tirelessly hustling to make things happen. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it on their terms. They’re reimagining the status quo, leaning in, starting meaningful conversations even when it’s hard or unpleasant or easier not to, and they’re uplifting us all as they go. We hope their wise words help carry you through your day. (Have a suggestion for us? Email to nominate someone.)

We’re kicking things off with the incredible….

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The Ashley Graham Collection Launches at Bare Necessities


Ashley Graham—designer, model, body activist, disruptor of the status quo—and bare necessities have something in common: We’re both preoccupied with lifting women up. To celebrate today’s debut of her lingerie line, we sat down with her for an exclusive Q&A at our headquarters with bn staffers and plus-size style bloggers.

Since Ashley was discovered at age 12 in a mall in her native Nebraska, she’s been working nonstop to shake up the notoriously intractable fashion world. The proof is in the press: This year alone, Ashley simultaneously joined and forever altered the ranks of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover models, and Forbes magazine named her a “30 Under 30.”

“My mom and dad told me, ‘If you try it, you have to stick with it,’” says Ashley, and those words drove her. At 17, Ashley moved to New York by herself. “I gained my freshman 15…more like 30. I was still working, I was still fabulous, but I had agents literally waving money in my face saying, ‘if you lost some more LBs, baby, you’d get a lot more of this.’ In that moment I realized, ‘Why am I modeling? What is this for?’” She knew she had to blaze her own trail, but something was holding her back:

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