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The Most Comfortable and Cozy Sleepwear To End The Decade In


The depths of winter are the perfect time to double down on sumptuous, decadent fabrics in the form of comfy, cozy sleepwear.

We dug into our extensive women’s sleepwear collection with Bare Necessities buyer Melissa McDonald and came up with the most wonderful, feel-good, keep-you-warm, lounging-around layers. In fabrics as toasty as they are trendy, cashmere to velvet, a holiday staycation or New Year’s Eve fête at home never sounded more fabulous.

For the Love of Flannel
If you love the toasty feeling of a thick flannel button-down shirt on a chilly day, why not try it at night? Because it’s cotton, it’s breathable; because it’s woven, it’s extra warm; because the fibers have been brushed out, it’s supremely soft.

Lauren Ralph Lauren really excels at these tailored plaid flannel pajamas, and they come in a set (we find the length of the tops to be particularly generous and flattering) or as a nightgown, like the one shown here.

P.J. Salvage also makes excellent flannel pajama sets, in decidedly more humorous designs (“Coffee is Life,” “Meow & Furever”) that are extremely well made—note the details like the embroidered puns on the cuff.

Fluffy Chenille
Here’s a little trivia for you: chenille is the French word for ‘caterpillar’—the fabric actually takes its name from the fluffy critters it’s supposed to resemble. Butterflies and bugs aside for the moment, we really like chenille for its extreme softness, which is matched only by its durability.

That’s why it makes for such awesome winter socks, like Hue Chenille Boot Socks, Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Heathered Plush Socks and the Ugg Cozy Sparkle Sock Gift Set.

Also look for it in loungewear, as in the Ugg Fremont Fluffy Knit Cardigan (as shown), which can stay in as happily as it could go out.

Chic Cashmere
What’s finer, stronger, softer and more insulating than wool? There is no riddle to unravel; it’s cashmere.

Starting with the great pashmina epidemic of 1996, the luxurious fabric has started to become more coveted and accessible. Made from the fleecy under layer of a few goats once only found up in the Himalayas, cashmere now comes in a wider range of quality and prices than ever before.

The very best stuff is fine yet thick (two- or three-ply), made of long fibers to resist pilling. When it comes to innerwear, the very best brand is Arlotta (look into this splurge-tastic ankle-length robe for someone who’s been on their very best behavior this year).

Ultra Soft Shearling & Sherpa
Shearling is tanned sheepskin; sherpa mimics that look and texture using synthetics. Whether you want the real deal or a vegan version, there’s something snuggly waiting here with your name on it.

Ugg is undisputedly the leading shearling brand for shearling boots and slippers (the Fluff Yeah Slides shown are the hot new silhouette for the holidays).

The sheepish Hue Plush Sheep Bootie Slipper Socks are perfectly plush—and more than a little adorable—for padding around the house.

The Virtues of Velvet
Some fabrics only get to come out once a year; winter is velvet’s time to shine. The short, smooth, densely packed pile is what gives it its distinctive plushness, and whether it’s made from silk or synthetics, velvet should always have that great sheen to it. For day, stretchy Commando Perfect Control Velvet Leggings hit the right seasonal note in both classic black and versatile olive green.

For sleepy time, you’re only going to want to wear the Lauren Ralph Lauren Velvet Pajama Set (see photo), Donna Karan Lux Dream Velvet Joggers and Lounge Top, the N Natori Lush Velvet Pajama Set and N Natori Lush Velvet Caftan from now until Leap Year.

What sleepwear fabric gives you all the feels? Let us know in the comments!

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