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Ambrassadors, Behind the Seams

Meet the amBRAssadors: Mette Iacovou has expert bra advice, style tips, and more!


Meet Mette Iacovou, one of the certified amBRAssadors™ here to help fit you and find the perfect bras for your body. They field hundreds of calls and chats every day from real women with the same real-world concern: not nearly enough time to find just the right underthings. So do yourself a solid and say hello at 877-728-9272, email or tweet @barenecessities with the hashtag #getalift. There’s no problem these bra-fit ninjas can’t solve, pinkie-promise.

Mette Iacovou, customer service supervisor (and employee of the month!)
Bra size: 36H
Life’s work: I always wanted a job where I could help people, inside and out. I was born with a rare tumor—I wasn’t supposed to be here. From infancy until age 17, I had so many surgeries. My attitude wasn’t always positive, but with age comes wisdom. It’s made me more empathetic. So I love nothing more than bringing out someone’s best characteristics and letting her shine.
Role model: After everything I went through, I was very “woe is me, I’m not worthy.” My strong mother taught me otherwise. She showed me what I should and should not be accepting of in life.
Motivation source: My son, daughter—she’s 6 going on 35—and husband. They are fun, loving, caring, genuinely good people.
Passionate about: Educating women to find the right fit in intimate apparel. It’s neat to enlighten friends and strangers, to make them feel more supported. They might take this information and teach it to their own children. It helps raise a woman’s self-esteem.
Bra-fit secret: It takes a lot of tries to get it right, and it’s not just a one-time measurement that stays with you for life, either. It helps if you know what each part of a bra does and how it’s supposed to look on your body. For example, straps are not supposed to be doing all the work!
Fun fact: I was born in Denmark and moved to the States at 7, not knowing one word of English.
Personal mantra: Go for it 100,000%.

The most frequently asked questions Mette has been fielding lately are….

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How Long Do Old Bras Last Before They Kick the Bucket? We Asked an Expert.


Like a gallon of milk, bras expire after awhile. Most give up the ghost around the two-year mark; your everyday go-tos might meet the end of the bra life cycle in just six months! Devastating but true, particularly after you find one you love like whoa. So how do you know when it’s finally time to put a beloved brassiere out to pasture? Our senior buyer, Heather Garcia, has some ideas for how to tell if a bra fits and whether or not it’s time for an upgrade.

Toss that bra if: Your body has been through the wringer.

She’s talking weight loss or gain of more than five pounds, the physical rollercoaster that is pregnancy/childbirth/nursing and, of course, breast surgery. Regardless, brush up on how to measure bra size at least twice a year to make sure you’re getting the right fit. That’s also the perfect time to take a ruthless look at the state of your lingerie drawer.

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