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Ambrassadors, Behind the Seams

Q&A with Elizabeth DeMott, Lead amBRAssador


Elizabeth DeMott, director of bare necessities customer service, is the capital-A-amBRAssador™ around here. Her job is to zero in on your pain points—bra-fittings to backorders—and smooth them over like a good natured, blazing hot iron.

You know it’s got to take a special kind of person to traffic in negatives and transform them into positives every single day. That’s got to tell you something about the stuff she’s made of. Elizabeth uses it to your advantage—how great is that? Now let’s talk shop….

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Ambrassadors, Behind the Seams, Having a B.R.A. Fit

Bra Fitting: How an Over-the-Phone Professional Bra Fitting Can Change Your Life


As the editor of the Bare it All blog (hi, I’m Brooke, nice to meet you!), there’s little I love more than some old-school undercover reporting. And there’s nothing quite so under-the-covers as a bra fitting, right?

One of my first priorities after I came to work for bare necessities was to get fitted. I was both brimming with hope and filled with dread. At 5’2” with the faintest suggestion of a chest, my bras have been riding up uncomfortably and gaping widely for as long as I can remember. Padding has long been my frenemy. Since my first department store fitting in middle school, I’ve been convinced NO ONE makes bras that fit me.

Brittany finally broke me free from that idea.

She’s one of our certified amBRAssadors™, and she is as kind and smart as they come. When I started here, she personally gave me the once-over, sizing me up in a conference room with nothing but her well-trained eyes. Three times, she pulled different brands and sizes from our warehouse until we found the elusive bra of my dreams. In fact, we found three.

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