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The 19 Best Bras for Big Busts
“The 500+-reviewed satin cup bra by Goddess offers a large range of cup sizes from DD to O.”
– January 2022

Trend to Try: Ruffles
“Frills add a playful, feminine touch to any cut – from a deep-V
one-piece to a floaty floral halter to the bikinis in between.”
– May 2020

3 Plus-Size Lingerie Brands that are Showing Curvy Girls Some Serious Love
“Frustrated with the lack of supportive, well-fitting, playful lingerie options available out there, I reached out to three plus-size lingerie brands to see how they’ve been tackling the technical fit and style issues prevalent in the industry. ”
– June 2019

Bold Strokes
“It’s your time to shine in punchy-patterned swimwear.”
– June 2019

How to Find a Sports Bra That Actually Fits
“The right bra can beat bounce and end chafing — and it might change the way you work out.”
– April 2019

Yes, Virginia, There is a Bra That Fits
“Do your bra straps fall down your shoulders? Does the back strap of your bra ride up? Do you have ‘muffin top’ above the top edge of your bra cup? If so, you are among the majority of women who are not wearing the right bra for their body. Finding a bra that fits well should be simple.
– April 2019

The Natori Feathers Bra Has a Cult Following — and For Good Reason
“The ‘best bra’ is what’s right for you, at that given moment in your life. In the age of online reviews, though, it doesn’t hurt to start your search with the most highly-rated options on the market. And if you’ve looked at all the usual suspects—the Nordstroms, the Amazons, the Bare Necessities—you’ve probably already heard about the wonders of the Natori Feathers bra.”
– March 2019

The Right Activewear Picks for Your Body Type
“To prepare yourself for the best workout possible, you know what you need to have on hand: enough water to hydrate you before, during and after, solid shoes for whatever type of exercise you’re performing, a positive attitude and some quality activewear that fits your body type. We all come in different shapes and sizes, which is why that last one is so important. Workout clothing that is too big, too small or just doesn’t fit right will only cause you discomfort and take away from the workout you’re trying to accomplish.”
– March 2019

How to Measure Your Bra Size—And Finally Find the Right Fit
“…we learned some additional simple tips and tricks to make your bra work for you, not against you by inviting 10 women to come to our NYC offices for bra fittings with Zappe. Read on to see how we tackled their bra qualms head on.”
– March 2019

High-Impact Sports Bras That Can Stand Up To Your Most Intense Workouts
“But settle no more, for there are actually bras out there that stand up to all of your sprints, burpees, and bootcamps. Don’t believe us? These high-impact sports bras are approved by the real MVPs: thousands of reviewers. From adjustable straps to uniquely constructed underwire cups, these options have been vetted by real women who loved them so much they just had to leave a five-star review.”
– January 2019

8 of best plus-size sports bras, according to a bra fitting expert
“Frankly, a well fitting bra is important all the time. But, it’s especially important when doing physical activities. No one wants to deal with bra issues while trying to work out.”
– January 2019

The Bra Awards: The Best Bras Out There
“Cosmo’s compiled a list of the very best bras out there, all thoroughly researched and vetted by our editors and beloved by you guys. Balconettes? Got ’em. Racerbacks? Yep. Strapless? You bet.”
– January 2019

What Is a Slip and Why You Should Wear One
“Slips have a reputation of being an outdated undergarment. But more and more these days, people are looking for slips to wear underneath sheer dresses, or to add a layer between itchy clothing and their skin. In fact, some stylish wearers make their slip part of their outfit!”
– November 2018

Great Low-Cut Bras to Try
“Finding a bra to wear underneath low-cut necklines can be tricky. How can you get adequate support with less coverage from your bra? Good news, because the styles below offer lift, support, and a low-cut profile. Test them out and see which styles of low-cut bra work best with your plunge front outfits.”
– October 2018

10 Plus Size Bras That You Can Wear All Day, Everyday and Still Be Comfortable
“Getting your hands on a bra that doesn’t look like you stole it from your grandma’s lingerie drawer and gives your girls the support they need is no easy feat—especially when you have a fuller chest. We compiled some of our favorites so all you have to do is try them on.”
– September 2018

The Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear
“What makes underwear comfortable? Perhaps it’s soft material. Maybe it’s a special design or cut. Maybe it’s a special feature like a soft waistband or seamless edges. Whatever it is for you, this list showcases some of the most comfortable women’s underwear out there. “
– September 2018

How to Find a Bra That Fits
“Here are some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned that may improve your bra-shopping and bra-wearing experience.”
– July 2018

The Best Backless Bra Options
“You can find the freedom to wear all sorts of low back, backless, strappy back, sheer back, or lace back tops and dresses with the help of a backless bra. “
– July 2018

What to Look For In Supportive Underwire Swimsuits
“Keep in mind that wearing what fits both your body and your personal style often leads to feeling your best, especially in a swimsuit. If an underwire swim top is on your list to try this summer, keep these tips in mind!”
– July 2018

8 Lingerie Brands You Need To Know About
“Bare Necessities has an immense inventory of just about any major lingerie brand you could hope, shoppable by size.”
– June 2018

13 Trendy Plus Size Swimsuits for 2018
“These hand picked one piece and two piece plus size styles were chosen for their trendy styles and stellar design so you can shine on the beach and by the pool this summer!”
– June 2018

Survey Reveals Women in This State Are the Most Body-Confident
“…lingerie and swimwear e-tailer Bare Necessities conducted a survey of 2,800 women and men, asking them to rate their body confidence levels out of 10, with 1 being the least confident and 10 being extremely confident. Surprisingly, women only rated themselves a 5.7 on average, and men, 6.4. Where’s the love?”
– June 2018

Prints, Please
“If your aim is to camouflage or minimize a trouble spot or two, darker colors and small prints can be a winning combination.”
– June 2018

Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction with These 16 High-Neck Swimsuits
“Trending right now are suits with higher necklines, which can be a girl’s best friend. Not only is this cut flattering on most body types, it offers that extra coverage and support that so many of us are seeking.”
– April 2018

11 Swimsuits That Are Sexy Without Showing Your Belly
“Full-coverage doesn’t have to equal matronly. The swimwear market now offers high-waisted bikinis and one pieces of all stripes, and at every price point. The key when shopping is to look for clever flourishes like color-blocking, ruching, and seam detailing.”
– April 2018

20 Great Brands Making Bathing Suits for Women With Big Boobs
“We did a deep dive on where women with larger chests can find sleek, comfortable (and sexy) swimwear.”
– April 2018

13 Bikini Brands You Should Know About That Offer Larger Bust Sizes
“Swimsuit shopping can be tricky for anyone — with so many cuts, sizes, and silhouettes, it can be difficult to find the PERFECT bikini. But if you have a fuller bust size, it can be downright frustrating, because not many brands offer larger cup sizes.”
– April 2018

The 6 Biggest Bra Mistakes You’re Making, According To An Expert
“For a piece of clothing the majority of women wear every single day, we actually don’t pay nearly enough attention to our bras.”
– April 2018

Swimsuit Brands You Can Shop By Cup Size
“No more guessing! These brands offer swimwear sized just like bras — making shopping easier than ever.”
– April 2018

The Bra Awards
“These bras take home the statue (or should we say bust?) for best supporting pieces. We searched for the best bras and found the following 15 bras that can fit your needs outside of support and keep you looking fantastic.”
– April 2018

What’s My Bra Size?
“Have you heard those crazy statistics about how many women are wearing the wrong bra size? Well, here’s another one: 100 percent of the ones in our story didn’t know their right size. With the help of the experts at Bare Necessities, we’ll explain why that matters, and how they (and you) can find a bra that really fits.”
– April 2018

How to (Finally!) Find the Right Bra
“The reality is that many of us are walking around in bras that are the wrong size. Too big and our breasts look saggy; too small and our bodies look lumpy. Our bodies are fabulous—we’re just wearing the wrong bras! Mette Iacovou, Bare Necessities AmBRAssador, showed us the right way to measure yourself for a bra.”
– April 2018

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Bras for Big Boobs
“Here, we’ve narrowed down the most beloved bras for busty ladies, according to five of the industry’s top experts: Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle; Jené Luciani, author of The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra; Heather Viskovic, Bare Necessities premium brands buyer; Cora Harrington, founder of The Lingerie Addict blog; and Jenny Altman, founder of intimates website I Love a Good.”
– March 2018

The Best Bras for Small Breasts: How to Shop for Lingerie
Glamour polled some of the best petite lingerie experts in the biz for their tips and tricks for finding that long-desired fit. They reminded us of the importance of getting fit regularly and not simply picking out the same size because you’ve worn it before (these can vary among brands!), but also offered some interesting tidbits and suggestions for bra shopping when you have small boobs.”
– March 2018

16 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today
“Speaking of cute suits, I’m going on a beach vacation in just a few weeks (ahhh!), so I’m definitely in the market for a couple of new ones, and Bare Necessities has a bunch of good stuff right now. (Side note: I love that much of what they carry comes in bra sizes!)”
– February 2018

If You’re a Busty Woman, You Need This Model’s Bra Advice
“The company Bare Necessities has a lot of different options; it sells different brands, and I think that’s a cool place to stop by as well,” said model Precious Lee.
– February 2018

Help! I need a new bra!
“Whatever your size, bra shopping is no fun. Our Textiles pros to the rescue – we’ve rated dozens to bring you pretty, comfy picks you’ll want to wear every day!”
– February 2018

The Best Places to Shop for Lingerie, Bras, and Underwear
“Bare Necessities: As the name suggests, pretty much all first layers are covered here: underwear, activewear, swimwear, and shapewear. There are more than 200 brands on the roster, offering everything from Wacoal minimizers to Bracli pearl thongs.”
– December 2017

Top 100 Lingerie Blogs And Websites For Lingerie Lovers
The Best Lingerie blogs from thousands of top Lingerie blogs in our index using search and social metrics.
– December 2017

A Week of Outfits: April Kae
“When I was 15, we had to go to the suburbs to the one store that sold bras in our size. Now, I buy mine online at Bare Necessities — this is the best T-shirt bra ever.”
– October 2017

6 One-Piece Swimsuits for Big Busts That Are Anything but Frumpy
“Whether their swimsuits kept my boobs lifted, made them look smaller, or both, these brands totally get me—and if your body is built anything like mine, they’ll get you, too. Read on to find out which brands made the cut.”
– August 2017

Fall’s Top Trends (and the Bras You Need For Them!)
“Every year during Fashion Week, I love predicting which of the styles parading down the runways will have the staying power to remain fresh in the six months between the shows and the actual season, and which of the sometimes over the top trends will translate into real life.” – August 2017

I Found the Holy Grail of Strapless Bras for Bigger Cup Sizes
“We tried on over 15 strapless bras so you don’t have to!”
– July 2017

The Financial Burden of Having Bigger Breasts
“If you don’t want to spend $70 on a DD bra you wear every day, the internet is the way to go.”
– July 2017

Rule The Pool! – Swimwear Trends 2017
Says Ms. Puma: “Right now there are so many hot trends: High necks, one-pieces, sexy swimwear with sheer or mesh inserts, cut outs, lace-up detailing, and then also big plunge V-necks. High-waist nautical is always popular in swimwear and never goes out of style in this category.” – July 2017

Editor’s Picks
“Whether you’re at the beach or traveling the world, I have some summer favorites that will have you drooling. Here’s a little inspiration for the perfect, enviable summer moment that will have your Instagram followers going gaga!”
– July 2017

Best Birthday Freebies
“Bare Necessities e-mail subscribers receive a 20 percent off coupon for their next purchase, mailed during their birth month.”
– July 2017

Forget Nude, Red Bras Are Invisible Under White Shirts
“We tested this genius fashion hack on five skin tones.”
– July 2017

Bombshell on the Beach
“Want to show a little skin? This two-piece in a classic gingham print has slimming, colorblock details and just enough coverage.” – July 2017

17 Insanely Cute Swimsuits For the Girls With the Big Boobs
“Because string bikinis are not made for all.”
– June 2017

9 Stylish Swimwear Brands That Cater to Busty Gals
“Long known for their great lingerie, Panache also offers swim that fits D to H cups. This floral Elle Bandeau Bikini Top ($20-$70) and Classic Bikini Bottom ($36) combo is vacay-approved.” – June 2017

Now Wear This: Swimsuits
“Ready to make some waves? Just grab your SPF and snag one of these on-trend styles.” – June 2017

The Perfect Maternity Bralette for Each Trimester
“A bra is a 24/7 necessity now, so you will finally understand why women everywhere love sleep bras. Your goal: something firm with stretch, like this Cake Lingerie Sugar Candy Wire-Free Nursing Bra.” – June 2017

Summer’s Best Swimsuits: Top Two-Pieces
“These fun separates offer strategic support even for the bikini-shy.”
– June 2017

I’ve Finally Found a Cute Swimsuit That Won’t Fall Off When I Swim
“Crafted with big-chested women in mind—the top to this suit is available for every size from 30 to 38, with cup sizes from D to J, and the bottoms range in sizes from an XS to an XXXL. It also helps that everyone hearts retro florals.” – May 2017

20 Great Brands Making Bathing Suits for Women With Big Boobs
“If you’re a woman with big boobs, finding a bathing suit that’s sized properly is, honestly, harder than it sounds. And for many who have D+ cup sizes, Victoria’s Secret has been a haven for finding supportive swimwear. That is, until this year, when the national lingerie retailer decided to nix its swimwear, clothing, and accessories collections. With one major swim line down, we did a deep dive on where women with larger chests can find sleek, comfortable (and sexy) swimwear. From independent designers like Samantha Pleet and Freya to mass retailers like Topshop and Target, we found the best brands to try out this summer.” – May 2017

23 Sexy Swimsuits That Will Make You Love Your Body
“Behold: the planet’s most flattering bathing suits. The top comes in extended bra sizes and the side-tie bottom is fully adjustable. Plus: total cuteness!”  – May 2016

Strapless Bra Road Test—Do They Really Work?
“This corset-style bra seemed a little formal to most, but gave great support for boobs of all sizes through jumping jacks and more. The bra itself was fairly thick, so the testers recommended it for dresses in thicker or more structured material. The only complaints were that it was a little tough to get on and squeezed at belly fat. “Highly recommend!” says 32DD.” – July 2015