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The Right Swim for Every Situation


As with most of the stuff in our closets, it’s possible to have a million swimsuits and still feel like you’ve got nothing to wear. How is that even possible?

We’ve found it comes down to this: You’ve got to match the suit to the situation.

This summer especially, when being outdoors by the water is probably as good as it gets, it pays to get strategic with your swimwear. By planning out what to wear based on where you’re going, you’ll look and feel like you’ve got your act together. (Even in 2020, it’s never too late.)

Our Bare Necessities swim expert Megan Puma is here to set the scene, so you always know what to wear where…

WHERE: The beach or pool club

WEAR: A functional yet flattering tankini, because when you get out of the water, you can easily throw on the bottoms of your choice and go grab something at the snack bar or use the facilities.

WHERE: Your own pool

WEAR: A bikini, because you can get away with wearing the aquatic equivalent of your bra and undies. Float around slathered in SPF 70 or work on faking a Mykonos tan without worrying for one second about what you look like—how refreshing!

WHERE: A hike, the public pool, hot tub/sauna or gym

WEAR: A sporty one-piece made of chlorine-resistant fabric, because you’re not there to play; you’re there to get a job done—be it swimming laps or sitting peacefully in one place.

WHERE: A kid’s pool party or a water park

WEAR: Modest swimwear that affords you extra coverage, because you haven’t really lived unless you’ve felt abject panic over climbing around a wet bouncy castle with a bunch of people you don’t especially need to see your bikini line.

WHERE: A grown-up pool party

WEAR: A trendy, edgy statement swimsuit, because suddenly being outside in the water is the social spot of the season. Just add heels and some jewelry.

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