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Inner Peace for Busy Women

Contrary to what we were led to believe, adulting is not doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Instead, we’re constantly responding to our bosses, our families, the news cycle.… And while we deeply wish that finding inner peace was as easy as ordering a new pair of shoes or polishing off a pint of Chunky Monkey, turns out it’s more elusive.

But what if a silent retreat isn’t in the cards? Who among us hasn’t closed her eyes and tried to meditate, only to give up in frustration? If yoga makes you crack up or cringe, what’s a girl gotta do to center herself? 

Bare it All is here to help you find a few moments of Zen without resorting to weird breathing techniques. Read on for eight low-effort ways to clear your mind.

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New Year, New Bra

Some of us go our whole adult lives never really considering how the way our bras fit affects our self-confidence, our posture…even our mood.

If there ever was a time to check in on your bra fit, it would be every January. With renewed resolve plus the post-holiday lull, this month is ideal for taking two minutes for yourself. Reexamine your bras, and suddenly your wardrobe looks—and fits—so much better.

To make touching base with yourself and your bras as easy as can be, we picked the brain of Bare Necessities Bra Fit Expert Kristyn Polin to help you uncover what you didn’t know you didn’t know. By taking a quick, close look at how the bras you’re in now serve you—or don’t—you can finally unlock the angels-singing kind of support you’ve long been looking for.

See if you can find yourself in Kristyn’s common scenarios, then try her tiny tweaks that make a huge difference.

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The Best Neutral & Nude Bras for Every Skin Tone

The push in recent years for more inclusive flesh-toned palettes is getting to a good place—even if it’s long overdue. From ballet slippers to Band-Aids, product designers have awoken to the fact that there’s more than one “nude.”

Now nude bras are never not important, but these neutrals become even more necessary in spring, when the layers come off and the clothes lighten up. They can make getting dressed as easy as a spring breeze.

“We have been passionate about inclusivity from the very beginning, and we’re not just talking about bra sizes and body shapes, we’re talking about body-shades, too,” the brand Freya shared with us in a statement. “We feel every woman should be able to find herself in our lingerie.”

Bare Necessities pulled together six of our most popular nude and neutral bras in the widest range of skin tones because once you find your perfectly true-to-you base layers you can do you: seamlessly, flawlessly, and confidently. Read on to discover the best neutral and nude bras for 2021.

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How to Beat Daylight Savings Time

Today’s the day we’re all a little snippy and out of it from dealing with losing an hour of sleep: You can thank Daylight Savings Time for starting up again. (Admittedly a worthy trade-off, we would still argue, for the return of long, sunny days.)

So to save you some aggravation, and maybe even a few Zzzs, Bare Necessities rounded up six of the top tactics experts suggest to try to get through this groggy Monday-iest of Mondays. We’re taking our own advice around here, too. If nothing else, we can slog through it together and get on with spring.

Meet the Merchants Personal Style Swimwear

How to Buy a Swimsuit Online: an Interview with Swim Expert Megan Puma

Megan is ready to swap sweaters for swimwear

Believe it or not, swim season is once again upon us. Of course, for many of us, shopping for swimwear has been a beyond stressful experience in the past. Fret no longer. Our resident swim expert, buyer Megan Puma, is here to help.

We caught up with Megan to find out what’s new in the world of swimsuits and, most importantly, how you can look and feel your best in a bathing suit. She’s sharing her top five secrets for a successful swim season.

Power Figures

Carrie Sporer is Changing the Game for Busy Women Who Work Out

As a nine-time marathon runner, Carrie Sporer was seriously over having to wash and blow dry her hair after every sweat session.

As a fashion industry consultant, she’s well versed in bringing problem-solvers to market.

That’s how she invented her own.

SWAIR Showerless Shampoo cleans hair–something dry shampoo doesn’t actually do–without the shower, making it easier and faster for busy women like herself to get out of the gym and into the office.

“We should not have to plan workouts around washing our hair,” Carrie told Bare Necessities. Find out how this month’s Power Figure goes the distance, one step at a time.

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Wear the Rainbow: Bra and Panty Trends for 2021

Who runs the world? Women, obviously. So why do we do it, day in and day out, in beige and black? For an inspiring, empowering, thrilling change of pace any given Tuesday, we highly recommend reconsidering your bra and panty palette.

Color is arguably the most direct way to boost your mood—something we could all use more of in the winter in general and this year especially. Through a fashion lens, color is a tool we can count on to convey a feeling or idea to others and, maybe most importantly, to ourselves. A bra or pair of panties in your signature power color or, conversely, a bold hue that you wouldn’t wear in a head-to-toe outfit, can subconsciously brighten your outlook on the day. Such a small move, such a big payoff.

Whether you’d prefer to match your top and bottoms or come up with a pleasingly clashing combination, make spring—no, all of 2021!—more vibrant from the inside out. Start now.

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Upgrade Your Downtime: Pretty Spring Pajamas and Loungewear

Don’t know about you, but we’re ready to wake from this long winter’s nap and spring-ify our lives. While we’re keeping the comfort, we’re just looking to extend our loungewear and sleepwear wardrobes with new spring prints and colors.

There’s fresh inspiration popping up everywhere we look: sherbet shades and surprisingly moody darks. Punchy prints and chic solids. Long-sleeves and joggers or flirty camisoles and short-shorts. Timeless silhouettes and eye-opening trends. Taken together, you’ve pretty much got your new 24/7 wardrobe for the season.

So take a good stretch, and wake up feeling sunnier and more refreshed than you have in months. Welcome to spring.

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The 7 Best Plus-Size Bras and Styles

We hear it from women of every age, size and body type: Sometimes, finding the right bras for your life can be hard. Our mission at Bare Necessities is to help you get it right and make it easy.

This week, we’ve brought together the 7 essential categories, as well as our picks for the best plus-size bras, that meet your every wardrobe need, dress you for any occasion and support your curves–all at the same time.

Behind the Seams Power Figures

Liza Bennett is the Brains Behind Bare Necessities

We’ve met our fair share of Power Figures here on Bare it All, from fashion designers to physicians, novelists to entrepreneurs. To kick off the year, we realized we didn’t need to look any further than our own backyard, to a woman who knows the business of fashion better than pretty much anyone. Who has built her career from the front door to the top floor. Who gets things handled all day, every day without breaking a sweat.

Torching every stereotype about female bosses, Liza Bennett is what you want in a leader: kind, likeable, unflappable under pressure, an ally in the corner office who wants everyone to succeed–and to be happy and have a life while they’re at it.

Liza has spent the past 15 years at Bare Necessities, ascending from the brand’s second-ever buyer to the Vice President of E-Commerce, seeing things through when we were a private company, then under Walmart and, now, under international intimate apparel corporation Delta Galil.

We picked Liza’s brain to find out what she’s learned about finding your calling, forming a team you can count on and trusting your gut…in and out of the office.

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The Look of Love: Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Most holidays are a major production involving lots of people, planning and prepping. Not Valentine’s Day. It’s meant to be an intimate, low-key affair that doesn’t require a whole lot more than a card written from the heart. Even going “all out” doesn’t really take much effort: maybe you add fresh flowers, a dinner reservation or—this year’s version of getting all dressed up—lingerie and sleepwear.

Bare Necessities is here to help with that last bit. Our buyers have put together the greatest Valentine’s Day gift guide, full of our top-rated, prettiest and most enticing intimates ranging from mild to wild, that will ensure you’ve got Valentine’s Day 2021 handled.

“To thine own self, be true” starts with what you’re wearing. So finish bingewatching Bridgerton and set your own bodice-ripping tone by letting your body do the talking in some Valentine’s Day lingerie…

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The Best Sports Bras for Every Body in 2021

On some level, everyone wants to get fit and stay healthy—maybe never more than right now.

That’s why, at the top of 2021, we’re ready with our list of the most incredible sports bras that will be with you every step along the way to hitting your gym goals. Whether you’re an ultra marathoner, a newbie or anywhere in between, Bare Necessities has got the most supportive bras you’ll ever find that fit your body and your workout.

All you have to do is meet your match….

How to Choose the Best Sports Bra for You