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The Look of Love: Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Most holidays are a major production involving lots of people, planning and prepping. Not Valentine’s Day. It’s meant to be an intimate, low-key affair that doesn’t require a whole lot more than a card written from the heart. Even going “all out” doesn’t really take much effort: maybe you add fresh flowers, a dinner reservation or—this year’s version of getting all dressed up—lingerie and sleepwear.

Bare Necessities is here to help with that last bit. Our buyers have put together the greatest Valentine’s Day gift guide, full of our top-rated, prettiest and most enticing intimates ranging from mild to wild, that will ensure you’ve got Valentine’s Day 2021 handled.

“To thine own self, be true” starts with what you’re wearing. So finish bingewatching Bridgerton and set your own bodice-ripping tone by letting your body do the talking in some Valentine’s Day lingerie…

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Valentine’s Day Lingerie, Your Way

We’re a month out from Valentine’s Day, what with all its red rose and chocolate connotations. But as with most things in life, we firmly believe there’s more than one way to play it.

Find your February 14th signature style before it’s too late with a little help from the Bare Necessities buyers, who’ve stocked everything you might want to feel your most wanted, from cuddly-cute pajamas to heart-adorned lingerie designed explicitly (and we do mean explicitly) for the holiday.