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New Year, New Trends

This week reminds us that it’s not really out with the old so much as in with the new, and you can keep all that “new year, new you” nonsense.

Apart from our deepest hopes for 2021—good health, more face-to-face time with family and friends—we’re just fine with who we are. Because we’re only human, however, we do appreciate having something a little different to look forward to. And if a vacation or even a night out is still asking too much, then at least we can browse new pajamas.

Our Bare Necessities buyers are looking forward to newness in bras, swim, sleep and activewear—so  maybe you are, too. Happy New Year, new trends!

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Semi-Annual Holiday Sale: Time to Stock Up

Two for you, one for me: When the holiday sales are too good to pass up, how can you not? Especially when it comes to bras and undies, which wear-and-tear faster than most other closet staples, it would be a mistake not to use this time to stockpile things you know you love and are going to need in the year ahead.

Luckily, this end-of-the-year lull is the one of the best times to replenish your seen-better-days Hanky Panky pairs, amass enough sports bras to slay those 2021 workout goals and start fresh with everyday essential bras and undies. From sleepwear to swimwear to sexy lingerie, it’s all marked way down to make room for the new, and it’s a great opportunity to take full advantage.

In other words, it’s time for the Semi-Annual Sale, baby—start your engine and read on for the inside track on the best deals at Bare Necessities.

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Author Arianna Davis is Living Boldly Like Frida Kahlo

At 33, Arianna Davis has figured out a few things about going fearlessly in the direction of her dreams. That’s what happens when Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King take you under their wings, as they did her.

Now the digital director of, Arianna has just published her first book, What Would Frida Do? A Guide to Living Boldly inspired by the life and work of the free-spirited artist Frida Kahlo.

Arianna gave Bare it All the inside scoop on what she’s learned about going one’s own way, both from researching her heroine and from doing just that herself.

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Layers for Lounging: Stay Home, Stay Warm With the Best Sleepwear for Winter 2020

December is never not about bundling up, but that goes triple for this year. We’re prepared to show 2020 the door by chilling at home the rest of the month. Literally all we need is Netflix, wine and takeout.

With winter starting, now’s the time to layer on a throw blanket, light a fire (or turn on your light therapy), spike the tea, and dress accordingly. Especially if winter isn’t your favorite season, it’s surprisingly happy-making to dip into your pajama drawer and emerge with something velvet or flannel or chenille. Low temps and low moods don’t stand a chance against Bare Necessities sleepwear buyer Krista Molinaro’s warm and fuzzy day-to-night picks.

When the trends collide with incredible textures like these, the result is a do-nothing wardrobe to get excited about…even if you and the UPS delivery person are the only ones who see it.

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the most wonderful, stressful time of the year: that go, go, go crunch between Thanksgiving and the holidays. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there’s something to be said for dialing back the drama and focusing entirely on the ones who matter most.

That’s where this post comes into play.

Our buyers at Bare Necessities compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide so that you can divvy up your entire list of loved ones by key category: excellent pajamas for nighttime, cozy stay-home staples, for day small yet mighty stocking stuffers, and everybody’s all-time favorite, Uggs.

This way, you can spoil your recipients and incur fewer deadline-induced panic attacks than any year in recent memory. Cheers to that! 

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2021 Trend to Try: The Best Lounge Bras

Everyone has happily been living la vida loungewear all through 2020, and you don’t have to be a trend forecaster or fashion editor to see that comfort dressing isn’t going anywhere. We’re happy to see the bra world has leaned into comfort more than ever before.

This new class of bras is a step up from letting the girls run free, and anyone can wear them. Because they’re completely seamless and smooth, lounge bras eliminate pinching, marks and digging, with no underwires in sight. By providing both support and the maximum amount of comfort that’s legally allowed, lounge bras are where the Venn diagram of good-looking and good-feeling lingerie meet.

We’re also loving lounge bras because they come in our favorite fabrics, from lace for a sweet look that says I tried to stretch microfiber for something that looks minimalist yet feels better than your average over-the-head, super-Spandex sports bra. Lounge bras come in virtually every size (and those sizes are simple to figure out) and at every price so you can find the one that fits you on every level.

Keep your padded, underwire bras lined up in your Home Edit-ed dresser a little while longer. Check out our best selection of lounge bras that will keep you supported in style and stretchy comfort for the year to come.


The Great Escape: New Swim Highlights & Trends for Winter 2020

You would be forgiven if lately your mind has been prone to wandering to images of postcard-perfect beaches or balmy spring break destinations. Who couldn’t use a vacation this year, be it IRL or a mere mental escape?

Whether you’re in need of a great swimsuit or just something to look forward to, picture yourself in your happy place wearing any of these six hot new collections. Filled with bra-sized support, invisible shaping powers and wild plus-size stunners, we’re getting in a swim state of mind with a little help from our go-to labels. Wanna come with?

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The Best Lingerie to Buy Right Now

What’s trend-proof, seasonless, and always in style? It isn’t a trick question; it’s lingerie.

While Bare Necessities starts with bras that make you feel your most confident, we also go beyond bras to the best sexy lingerie you’ll find in one place, from mild to wild.

Our expert sexy buyer Krista Molinaro brings together the little lacy pieces that look great, feel comfortable and boost your confidence. What could be better with Valentine’s Day right around the corner or, let’s be honest, any night you want to make more interesting?

Krista rounded up her top picks of our most popular lingerie to make browsing a breeze, so you can get to the fun faster.

“Just the right touch of peek-a-boo is what makes great lingerie. To me, sexy always still leaves a little something to the imagination,” says Krista, who recommends looking for what you would feel the most comfortable wearing. “You can feel sexy and still have coverage in a teddy or chemise or, if you’re looking to start a fire, you can bare more skin in an open cup or a crotchless panty.”

Read on for her can’t-go-wrong racy recommendations of the best lingerie.

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Must-Have Winter Styles: At Home for the Holidays

While the holidays have always been about cozying up at home with the people who give you the warm fuzzies, 2020 has taken that hardwired desire to hunker down and hibernate to the next level.

That’s why this season, Bare Necessities has prioritized your across-the-board call for comfort. From head-to-toe toasty pajamas to happy-go-comfy loungewear sets, an athletic aesthetic that goes beyond the gym to plush robes and slippers that pass for room service these days, we’ve rounded up everything you really want to be wearing.

The best part: You don’t have to forsake fashion to find the comfort you crave.

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Nina Lorez Collins is Making a Room of Their Own for Women Over 40

No topic is off limits for Nina Lorez Collins. At 51, the founder of The Woolfer—a digital platform for women over 40—and a mother of four fledgling adults, she is as self-actualized as she is self-deprecating.

A big career as a literary agent, then as a writer for Elle and Vogue, led to Nina’s creation of The Woolfer, her highly engaged tribe of sassy, brassy women who congregate on the site or app to serve as each other’s sounding boards, friends and life coaches. Their posts, seminars and meet-ups are lively, candid, awkward and occasionally vulgar—authentic, like she is. What followed was her book, What Would Virginia Woolf Do? And Other Questions I Ask Myself as I Attempt to Age Without Apology, as well as the “Raging Gracefully” podcast.

Nina lives in Brooklyn and East Hampton, sometimes with her new boyfriend and all the time with her new poodle, Strudel. She spent a recent afternoon telling Bare Necessities about traversing that long, winding road of life while fearlessly living on-brand.

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Fall Fashion Has Never Been This Cozy

This year has shifted more than a little about the way we live, maybe for keeps. One of the changes we’re happiest about: cozy-casual daytime clothing is where it’s at from now on. (Pants? Those sounds vaguely familiar…)

As we head into the holiday season, we’re thinking about things that bring others (okay, and maybe also ourselves) that extra hit of comfort when we could really use it most. That is to say, these would all make for welcome gifts. And if there was ever was a year to get all that holiday shopping handled early and online, safe to say this would be it.

All dressed down with nowhere to go? Good, then you’re doing it right. See what we’re working with this fall-winter…

Breast Cancer Awareness

Self-Knowledge: Our Best Weapon Against Breast Cancer

As with all things, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

Every 15 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer somewhere in the world, and until there’s a cure, the best option we’ve got to save lives from breast cancer is early detection, so it’s nonnegotiable to take charge of your health and be your own best advocate.

“Despite all the attention breasts get, there really is very little that gets shared about taking care of them,” said Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont, MFA PhD and the CEO of Know Your Lemons Foundation, whose mission is to help women find breast cancer as early as possible.

When every day counts, knowing everything there is to know—or at least where to find it—saves lives. Rather than scouring the Internet to gather together all of this information, Know Your Lemons’ new app centralizes it at your fingertips.

Read on for some of the crucial advice Know Your Lemons has put together…