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How Do Lingerie Models Stay in Shape?


The bra and panty models we work with at Bare Necessities are real women, with good heads on their gorgeous shoulders—that’s why we adore them. We wanted to find out more about their refreshingly realistic fitness and health routines, so we sat down this week for a chat with Jessica Rafalowski (left) and Alissa Jo Caputo (right).


In short: Miss Florida 2008 now lives in rural Connecticut with husband of two years and Winston, their French bulldog. She loves sleeping in, taking walks and watching movies—hear, hear!

Fitness routine: Four evenings per week of 30-minute high-impact workouts. “I sprint, do Insanity home workout videos and Bikram [“hot”] yoga, especially in the winter. And I do walking lunges around the house or up and down the driveway to keep my butt in shape. My neighbors must think I’m crazy. I like anything intense. If I’m lollygagging around, I might as well not be there.”

Exercise philosophy: “As time goes on, it gets harder to work out. You just want to relax! I force myself to go to the gym. It’s important to take care of yourself, age gracefully and embrace your body.”

Motivation: “My husband. We’ll often work out together. Looking cute motivates me, too. That’s why I wear nice, fitted workout wear.” For a sports bra that looks as amazing as it performs, check out our #1 best seller by Panache.

Avoids: Sugar; most processed foods.

Life philosophy: “You can’t force yourself to be something you’re not. I started to enjoy modeling when I stopped taking it so seriously. There are so many different forms of beauty, and more body acceptance now than ever. Confidence really does shine through.”

Indulgences: “We love to eat. My husband is Italian and I’m Polish. I’m a pasta person; I can’t say no. I like to have wine and cheese on the weekends, and I have to have a glass of wine while I’m cooking.”

Health/beauty obsession: Neutrogena sunscreen. “I won’t leave the house in less than SPF 60 with zinc oxide. You have to take care of the skin underneath all the beauty products.”

What recharges her batteries: “My family. Everybody lives close by, and that’s the key to happiness.”


In short: This New York native was born in Brooklyn, moved to Staten Island at 10, went to college in Manhattan to study cosmetics/fragrance advertising, and is right in the middle of moving into a new home in Staten Island with her husband. She was even Miss Staten Island 2012.

Fitness routine: Five days a week, Alissa Jo wakes up at 6 AM for a 5-mile run in the park, or she runs two miles and does an hour of kickboxing. “Running is my time to think, to prepare for the day ahead. And beating the bag gets out the stress. I love to sweat, to let loose.” When she’s traveling, she prefers Pilates. “All I need is my mat and a few YouTube videos saved on my phone.”

Exercise philosophy: “All things in moderation. I take a break on the weekends to enjoy life. As soon as I can unpack them, I can’t wait to get cooking in the new Williams-Sonoma pots and pans from my wedding!”

Motivation source: “To get through a workout, I need high-energy music. Right now, my song is ‘I’m Shipping up to Boston’ by the Dropkick Murphys.”

Avoids: White bread. “I’ll make avocado toast using Ezekiel bread instead.”

Life philosophy: “If you have your health, nothing else matters. I just think positively. Everyone goes through hard times, but look around—life is good.”

Indulgences: Ice cream 3-4 times a week. “I always have a cone of mint chocolate chip with extra chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles!”

Health/beauty obsession: Cosmedica Hyaluronic acid serum to plump skin, followed by moisturizer overnight.

What recharges her batteries: A post-workout smoothie of kale, coconut milk, flax seeds, chia seeds (“you have to get used to the texture”) and antioxidant-rich strawberries.

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