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The Bra Brand Bible: This is What Real Inclusivity Looks Like

Everyone’s proclaiming the era of democratic fashion these days, calling for clothing lines that cater to every size.

But when Racked took a closer look, reality fell way short of expectation. While the average American woman is a size 16 or 18, Racked found fashion lines max out at a size 20, and bra brands like True & Co. extend only so far as a 38DD, a “combination easy to find at…any department store lingerie section.”

“Companies are always asking women over a certain size to wait just a little longer, apologize just a little more about the scale of difficulty their very common bodies represent, and be just a little more grateful that anyone is getting around to them at all,” wrote Amanda Mull in the article, “Why Aren’t Fashion ‘Disruptors’ Serving Plus-Size Customers?”

At Bare Necessities, we’ve seen firsthand how wearing the right size—starting with that very key base layer otherwise known as your bra—makes all the difference in the world in how your clothes fit and how you feel. That’s why, unlike the bra brands popping up in your newsfeed or on TV, we really do serve every body. The range of bras we carry (band sizes 28 to 58 and cup sizes AA to O) is, simply stated, unrivaled.

Here are the top brands that, taken together, deliver real support and style in every size.