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Spring Cleaning: When to Replace Bras
(A Bra Intervention)

Welcome to spring-cleaning season! As devotees of the Kondo method will agree, it’s liberating—life-changing, even—to shed stuff that doesn’t bring you happiness. But there is a flip side of that cathartic coin: What to do when you realize you’re going to need to replace those old standbys?

Take, for example, The Bra. You know the one we mean. It’s stretched out so far you’re supporting it rather than the other way around. It’s been through the wringer literally and figuratively. Yet, beyond all reason, you love it. You cling to it. It is so. Very. Comfortable. But make no mistake, it’s shot. Yep, it’s time for an intervention.

We challenged Bra FIt Expert Brandi Macholl to help some BN staffers part ways with a few beloved bras that are admittedly well past their expiration dates (not even women who work for a bra company are exempt from holding onto a favorite long after its time has passed). In each instance, she came up with a new, equally awesome replacement. “Dare to do better,” Brandi says. “That’s what we’re here for.” (Put her to the test yourself: 877-728-9272)