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Prints Charming: Trendy Looks in Printed Swimwear


Jeni Doherty, our swimwear buyer

Swimsuits follow their own hierarchy of needs. First and most critically, you’ve got to find the right brands for you, and the right size. When you’ve arrived at the ideal swimsuit fit and support for your figure, and you’re in a body positive mindset, that’s the time to have fun with your swimsuit wardrobe. Printed swimwear is the easiest way to do just that.

“Summer is the season for colorful, fun prints you might not go for at other times of the year—you can get a little wild with your bathing suits or swimsuit coverups because we’re not talking a whole lot of real estate here,” says Jeni Doherty, our swimwear buyer. “The other thing I love about prints is that they aren’t specific to age or body type; they’re for everyone. Which ones you choose is a matter of personal taste.” Anyone can pull off a uniform print on one-piece swimwear (just keep the scale of the design in proportion to your proportions—a small overall print if you’re petite, for example), or something really splashy on a little bikini. Jeni loves graphic prints for their overall camouflaging, not to mention visual interest.

Jeni narrowed down our vast pool of swimwear to four of her favorite prints of the season. Conveniently, these right-now looks are also sure to be in year after year. From conservative swimsuits with understated appeal to those that are brazenly over-the-top, there’s a way to find yourself among these looks, because there’s always a way for you to show off your authentic self—even in a bikini.

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