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What Makes Wolford the Ultimate Fashion Accessory


It would be a shame to wait for spring to show your legs the light of day. Now is the time to turn to Wolford, the legwear brand as revered for cutting-edge design as it is for real-world practicality. With a luxury handbag-level obsession with quality materials that will endure, there’s no need to prize comfort over good looks again. 

Of course, a heritage that storied doesn’t happen overnight. The founders of Wolford made it their life’s work to create the world’s finest, most innovative hosiery in Austria in 1949 and have since realized that vision in 60 countries.

With a wardrobe of these ace accessories, you’re impeccably, literally covered for anything. Get acquainted with the newest styles and most legendary favorites, because to know them is to fall head-over-heels in love with them (don’t say your friends at Bare Necessities didn’t warn you).

Pair these perfect pants with a favorite chunky sweater for a svelte, cozy look. Though simple, they’re anything but ordinary–think maximalist minimalism.

  • Bailey Leggings: This smooth jersey version is pretty much the consummate black legging and, after experiencing the soft waistband on this slim-fit pair, you may need to be coerced to ever put on proper pants again.
  • Velour Leggings: Velvet and velour continue to have a fashion moment, and it doesn’t get a whole lot more decadent than these perfectly polished, suede-alternative paragons of style. They’re the best-looking, softest-feeling way to overpower winter we’ve found yet.

Still very much a heavy-rotation staple, these finishing-touch all-stars are the key to staying warm, looking hot morning, noon and all night.

  • Matte Opaque 80 Tights: The higher the denier, the more opaque the hosiery; at 80 denier, these are about as matte, thick and stretchy as it gets before turning into pants.
  • Cotton Velvet Tights: The rare opaque tights made of more than 50 percent cotton have a supremely soft, smooth feel and cover legs without suffocating them.
  • Velvet de Luxe 50 Tights: Soft. Comfortable. Durable. These opaque tights impress shopper after shopper by keeping legs toasty, refusing to run and holding their shape no matter how much you wear them.

Each of these trendsetting originals is guaranteed to chase winter far away from your wardrobe. You just can’t find anything anywhere to rival them.

  • Laetitia Tights: Polka dots are basically a neutral at this point, but somehow they pop in a new way against the pale background shade.
  • Twenties Fishnet Tights: Trend-proof fishnets get reimagined in this delicate micro-weave. They’re wildly versatile, extremely well made and seamless for a smooth, subtle finish. It’s like your legs, but better.
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