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Tie-Dye Makes a Comeback

Among other things, 2020 has been the year of tie-dye.

It’s been ages since a trend has made such a strong comeback across categories: Not only can you find tie-dye sweatsuits and masks, you can even find the design on swim and activewear here at Bare Necessities. And what started in spring and continued through summer is poised to continue through fall. So why all the tie-dye all of the sudden?

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The Summer of Self-Care

In these unprecedented times—if we never hear those words again, it’ll be too soon—we’re all learning to sit with some degree of uncertainty and angst. (And if somehow you’re not, we want to live on that planet.) While 2020 hasn’t exactly gone according to plan, Bare Necessities remains, as ever, here to support you.

To that end, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best pieces of wellness advice for this challenging moment in time to help you keep your calm and carry on this summer. Let us know in the comments what’s been working for you personally; the more strategies we can all draw from, the better off we’ll all be.

Pop Culture The Mind Behind the Design

Spring Refresh with Elomi

Liesl Goodman, head of design, is the creative mastermind behind lingerie and swimwear brand Elomi, which launched in 2008 to serve women with curves. Elomi really led the charge in offering gorgeous lingerie with excellent fit, support and design for full figures—hugely underserved back then and marginally improved since.

Right now, Elomi is all about cultivating an intimates wardrobe so fabulous, it effortlessly inspires its devotees to stay in style every day (motivation we could especially use lately).

In Bare Necessities’ exclusive interview with Liesl, find out what’s new and exciting for you this very moment.

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Earth Day Intimates

It’s getting easier and more affordable to factor the environment into our buying decisions, from the foods we eat to the clothes we wear.

With no shortage of creative minds leading the charge, the fashion industry is in a unique position to find bold new ways of doing the same old things. And while there’s certainly plenty of room to improve, every effort helps forge a “cleaner, safer, more just and sustainable world that protects and supports all of us.”

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this April 22, Bare Necessities is taking a closer look at the brands and collections we carry that prioritize the planet. These are some of the lines you can already support in good conscience—and good style.

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Send Mom Some Love

With Mother’s Day coming up (May 10th, mark your calendar), get a jump on the best sleep and loungewear for anyone in your life who has earned the “mom” moniker: your own mother, your mother-in-law, the women who raised you, the daughter who promoted you to grandma, your wife or significant other, your sister…the more you think about it, the longer the list grows.

Pulled together by the Bare Necessities sleepwear buyers, these 10 comfy-chic pajama suggestions would not only be appreciated by Mama, we daresay they’d be appreciated by you, too.

So send some love to the women who give their all, all the time, because that’s a gift that never stops giving.

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Spring Break Swimwear & Bikini Must Haves

If you’ve been holding out hope for warm weather, take heart. Spring break is so close, we can almost taste it.

Whether you’re going on vacation and find yourself in a need-it-now situation or you’re starting to think about swimwear for later in the season, this is the ideal time to dip into swimwear that’s both highly flattering and highly functional: Don’t be your own worst enemy by waiting until the last minute to face down a historically daunting task because, inevitably, only half of that two-piece you like will still be available in your size.

Better to choose from the best of the best Bare Necessities has to offer in your size while the pickings are good. Like for instance…

Personal Style Pop Culture Swimwear

Yes, There is Such a Thing as Modest Swimwear

Every body is beautiful and deserves its moment in the sun—but still, it’s February, and maybe you’re not ready to strip down just yet at the water park or on your vacation.

Bare Necessities swim buyer Megan Puma firmly believes that’s swimwear’s problem to solve, not yours. “Your bathing suits should be working on your behalf,” she says. “These days, you can always find something to meet your needs without changing anything about your body or your style. All you have to do is identify what you want to gloss over,” Megan says. “Think of it like ordering from a menu. What special benefits do you want?”

So if showing a lot of skin isn’t your thing, or you need to minimize the potential for wardrobe malfunctions on an extended family vacation, be sure to check out Megan’s modest swimwear recommendations.

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Pajamas

The holidays are reliably two things: fun and cold. So what’s one to wear after hours, when you want to feel festive yet need to feel comfy?

Cheeky sleepwear, natch. Delightfully cozy, holiday pajamas come in jolly prints that don’t take themselves too seriously and, above all, make this short, sweet time of year feel just a bit more special.

And while she loves everything she sources, this week, Bare Necessities sleepwear buyer Melissa McDonald is recommending her very favorite smile-inducing holiday styles from our top brands. (Be sure to check out the Holiday Gift Shop for jammies for the whole fam, while you’re at it.)

Pick the PJs that speak to you and yours, then add eggnog and Hallmark movies to taste.

Pop Culture Power Figures

BlogHer 2019: 14 Pieces of Advice From Serious Boss Babes

It isn’t every day you get to sit in the company of fifteen hundred game-changing women, but that’s what Bare Necessities did last month at Blogher 2019 in NYC, a summit for women content creators.

From famous faces like actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who just launched her very own wine, to upstart entrepreneurs pitching status quo-shattering ideas, like MIT-grad Adriana Vazquez’s overhaul of the breast pump, big estrogen energy ran high as we listened and learned how to lift each other up through the power of our personal brands.

Just in time for Women in Business Month, borrow some of their empowering, inspiring mojo for yourself today, then go make some magic happen. Because if not you, than who will?

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The Best Hosiery for Fall 2019 and Beyond

Plush velvet. Sleek leather. Pleated skirts. Denim all day.

Hello, fall, and hello, fashion. In major service to us all right now is great hosiery, an instant wardrobe update that makes it possible to wear what we want before it’s too cold.

Fashion math time: For less than the price of a lunch out, you can get a new pick-me-up that’ll take you through the whole season; hosiery’s cost-per-wear ends up being cents on the dollar. Says no less an authority than the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, “In an era when mindful consumption is increasingly becoming an urgent aspiration, you should think in terms of what will make the most impact” (‘Summary of the Season’ by Lisa Armstrong). In short, the value of a good pair of tights can’t be overemphasized.

This week, Bare Necessities looked for fall stylespiration and the legwear to support it. Here’s how to layer, wear and rock the season’s choicest hosiery.

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Back to Cool: Fall Fashion & Bra Trends for 2019

September will never not feel like back to school in our hearts. In our minds right now, though, it’s Fashion Month. Either way, this is the time to take stock of, and stock up on, exciting on-trend pieces for the year ahead.

Inspired by the fall/winter 2019 collections shown in New York, London, Milan and Paris, Bare Necessities buyer Heather Viskovic found the bras that complement the clothes we’re most excited to wear this season. “A lot of these colors and prints aren’t traditionally fall, which is what makes them so interesting,” she said. Like, for instance…

Pop Culture

The Summer of Women Who Rock: Newport Folk Festival 2019

The times, they are a-changin’ for women in the #MeToo era.

We have seats at the table, and we’re setting it to make room for more of us. We have marched on Washington, and all over the country, more than once. A record number of us serve in Congress, and are running for President. We’re in the vanguard of calling for common-sense gun reform, including Moms Demand Action. Hundreds of men at society’s highest heights are being held accountable for gross abuses of power, recent and remote. Americans finally see women as competent or more so than men, says a new study by the American Psychological Association.

Pop culturally, too, sisters are doin’ it for themselves. Bare Necessities was there when, for the first time in its 60-year history, gender literally took center stage at the preeminent Newport Folk Festival, headlined last month by an all-women supergroup of sorts featuring post-feminist icon Dolly Parton, Judy Collins, Brandi Carlile, Sheryl Crow, Linda Perry, Amy Ray and countless more instrument-wielding professional music-makers. After that gauntlet-throwing, star-studded statement, it’s clear that if you’re going to a music festival just to make the scene, you’re probably going to the wrong festival.

Listen to what these bold, tremendously talented women have to say about this moment in herstory.