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How to Shop for Your Daughter’s First Bra

We’ve all heard the statistic: Seven out of ten women are wearing the wrong bra size. Here’s the catch: That miseducation starts in our teens.

Bare Necessities and BRABAR are out to break the cycle.

Launched in 2017, BRABAR was designed to educate the girls of Generation Z on fit, beginning with that very first bra. Then, eventually, the brand instructs her in how to measure so when she becomes a woman, she feels empowered to get it right on her own.

“These seventh graders walk straight into Victoria’s Secret Pink and pick up a 32AA when they’re really 26 inches around,” said BRABAR founder Wendy Herman. “Right at this critical point in their development, they’re bombarded with this overly sexualized messaging. In school, they raise their hands, and the bra band rides right up over their chests. It gets exponentially worse from there.”

With a teenage daughter of her own and a lingerie biz background, Wendy gets it personally and professionally.

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See Why the Half Cup Size Bra Doesn’t Exist and Find Real Solutions for Half-Size Problems

If you’re plugged into pop culture, you’re probably hearing about half-size bras. At Bare Necessities, we know the phenomenon is nothing new; it’s been tried many times before. Playtex introduced the “Thank Goodness It Fits” collection years ago, which included “nearly” sizes (Nearly A, Nearly B and Nearly C) and the “Half Sizes Too” line.

Half-sizes seemed revolutionary when they launched but, despite a big marketing push, the collections were discontinued—they just weren’t relevant. Here’s why they’re nothing more than smoke and mirrors…

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What’s Your Sign? A Horoscope for Your Bra Drawer

While we may not have a crystal ball with which to predict the future, we can tell you how your love for your lingerie is written in the stars. And really, isn’t that a lifelong love affair? So grab your coffee, cozy up and find out exactly what bra style your astrological sign says you should be wearing.

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Top 5 Big Boob Problems and How to Solve Them

The struggle is real, especially in the summer, if you have big boobs. Or, you know, any boobs. We asked our resident fairy godmother, lead Bra Fit Expert Mette Iacouvou (a size 34I, for the record), to divulge her smartest bra solves for even the stickiest of situations. 

1. Two words: UNDERBOOB SWEAT. How to manage sweaty boobs:

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What Color Bra to Wear Under White? The Little Red Bra (and More Bra Styling Tips)

Valentine’s Day is imminent, and we’ve got red on the brain. In fact, this is usually right about when we start attempting to unearth the scarlet bra from the far reaches of the lingerie drawer. But why reserve rouge for February alone?

Bare Necessities has learned the red-bra styling trick French women have long used that’s guaranteed to blow your mind…

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How Long Do Bras Last Before They Kick the Bucket? We Asked an Expert

Like a gallon of milk, bras expire after awhile. Most give up the ghost around the two-year mark; your everyday go-tos might meet the end of the bra life cycle in just six months! Devastating but true, particularly after you find one you love like whoa. So how do you know when it’s finally time to put a beloved brassiere out to pasture? Our senior buyer, Heather Garcia, has some ideas for how to tell if a bra fits and whether or not it’s time for an upgrade.

Toss that bra if: Your body has been through the wringer.

She’s talking weight loss or gain of more than five pounds, the physical rollercoaster that is pregnancy/childbirth/nursing and, of course, breast surgery. Regardless, brush up on how to measure bra size at least twice a year to make sure you’re getting the right fit. That’s also the perfect time to take a ruthless look at the state of your lingerie drawer.

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The Bra Style Guide: Decoding the Most Popular Bra Types So You Don’t Have To

There are approximately forty gazillion bra styles out there (we should know, we carry them all). So how do you narrow down which bra types are the best for you? Here’s a cheat sheet. Ideally, you’ll have at least 6 bras in the mix—two nude, two black, and have fun with the rest—to get through the week. (Bras work hard, they’ve earned the next day off!)

Full Cup BraFULL CUP

Perfect for: the daily grind; average-to-full busts
Why we love it: complete, confident coverage that seriously supports a chest